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Amanda Elizabeth Rodríguez Marroquin —- GU-1037

My name is Amanda Eliza, my family and friends call me Amanda.  I was born on       January 1st.  I am from San Pedro.  My father’s name is Eduardo and he is a computer teacher in San Marcos.  My mother’s name is Josselin and she works at the Orbita Spanish school. My parents are no longer together. I have three younger sisters, Valery, Sofia, and Mardoqueo (he is my brother from my father’s side).  I live with my mom, my sisters, my grandma Chely, my uncles Rodrigo, Marconi and Maelis.

My favorite color is pink.  At school what I like to do the most is to work on my workbook and to work with paper, like tearing up paper pieces and I also love to do crafts.

My favorite food is rice, potatoes and beef.  I have a dog and her name is Luly, she is a   golden retriever.  At home I love to play    nursery rhymes.


Amanda Elizabeth Rodríguez Marroquin —- GU-1037


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