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Aydelyn Marialaura González Quiacaín —- GU-1017

My name is Aydelin Maria Laura but my family and friends call me Aydelin.  I was born on August 2nd. I am from San Pedro.  My father’s name is Pedro and he is living and working abroad to help our family.  My mother’s name is Nicolasa and she works at the Town hall as a secretary. I am their only child.  I live with my mom, my grandma Carmelina, my grandpa Regino and my uncle Juan.

My favorite color is purple.  At school my favorite class is math because I am learning to count and to do small math operations.  My favorite food is chicken soup because it tastes delicious.  I have a cat and its name is Minino, he is yellow.  I also have a dog and its name is Diper he is black and white. During my spare time what I like to do the most is to play with my little dishes and pans and I also love to play with my dolls.

When I grow up I would like to be a singer because I love to sing.


Aydelyn Marialaura González Quiacaín —- GU-1017


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