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Cesar Edmilson Juárez González GU-979

My name is Cesar Edmilson and I was born on July 29th in Guatemala city. My dad’s name is Cesar and my mom’s is Juanita. I live with my mom, my grandpa Mariano, my grandma Vicenta, my uncle Jorge, my uncle Ruben, and my aunt Angelica.

My dad used to work in the city delivering sodas until one day he passed away because he was victim of a robbery, I was 7 years old.
My mom is a teacher and she works in San Juan.

At school my favorite class is math, I love to add and subtract and to learn more and more, I love numbers.
My favorite sport is soccer,. I play it every afternoon after I finish doing my homework.

My favorite food is Hamburgers and fries and my favorite colors are red and blue.

Cesar Edmilson Juárez González GU-979


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