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Cesia Jemina Quiacaín González —- GU-1047

My name is Cesia Jemina but my family and friends call me Cesia.  I was born on October 11th.  I am from San Pedro.  My Father’s name is Pedro and he has a fruit stand at the open market here in town.  My mother’s name is Ingrid and she works selling fruit at our stand.  I have two younger brothers, their names are Julia, Samuel and Emanuel. I live with my   parents and my brothers.

My favorite color is lime because it is one of the colors that are filled with life in the world.  My favorite food is veggie salad because at home we eat healthy. I have a dog and his name is Zeus. He is dark brown and he is a shar Pei.  At home during my spare time what I like to do the most is to play soccer because it is a sport that inspires me to do better.

When I grow up I would like to be an      agronomist engineer because I want to learn everything about plants.


Cesia Jemina Quiacaín González —- GU-1047


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