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Christian Guillermo González Pop GU-997

My name is Christian Guillermo but my family and friends call me Chris.  I was born on    September 17th.  I am from San Pedro.  My father’s name is Jose Guillermo and he lives and works abroad installing cameras to help my family.  My mother’s name is Rosa Elvira and she is a cook.  I live with my mom and my   sister.

My favorite color is purple blue because I love neon colors.  At school my favorite class is   history class because I am interested in        everything related to world history.

My favorite food is San Pedran traditional chicken soup because it is something that we eat in special occasions.  During my spare time at home what I like to do the most is to listen to music and draw from time to time.

When I grow up I would like to be a great    surgeon and psychologist.


Christian Guillermo González Pop GU-997


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