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Eimi Elizabet Quievac Navichoc GU-908

My name is Eimi Elizabet my family and Friends call me Elizabet.  I was born in Antigua Guatemala but I live in San Pedro la Laguna, I was born on June 9th 2010.  My dad’s name is Cruz and my mom’s name is Eimi, I have a younger sister and her name is Rosa.  I live with my grandpa Pablo, my grandma Mayra, my cousin Fernando, my parents and my little sister.  At our home my dad has a travel agency and my mom sells clothing.

At school my favorite things to do in class are to cut paper and to color.  My favorite color is Pink and my favorite food is chicken Chow Mein;   I love to play in the swings and the school playhouse, with my sister I like to play tag and pretend food.

When I grow up I want to be a doctor      because I want to help others.



Eimi Elizabet Quievac Navichoc GU-908


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