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Proyecto Fe Missionaries

Proyecto Fe partners with missionaries in San Pedro La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala to help meet the needs of Colegio Bethel, San Pedro, and communities in the surrounding areas.

Each missionary has a unique story of how God brought them to San Pedro and Proyecto Fe and we’re excited to share these stories with you!

Click below to meet them!


Pamela Chevalier, Mission Trips and Colegio Bethel Relations




Jorge & Gaby Cotto (and Jorge Marcos), Mountain Ministries, GU-200 Sponsorship, Gu-100 Sponsorship, Letter Translations and Publications




Dr. Luz Elena Falla, Bethel Clinic and Medical Outreach




Jorge Ramirez, Pastor and Spiritual Leader, Junior Hight at Colegio Bethel




Veronica Ramirez, Director and Principal, Junior High at Colegio Bethel



Proyecto Fe is actively seeking monthly sponsors to help support these missionaries. To become one of these sponsors, please call 907-258-0555 or follow the links below:

Support Pamela Chevalier

Support Jorge & Gaby Cotto

Support Dr. Luz Elena Falla

Support Jorge & Veronica Ramirez