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Write your sponsored child

Thank you for writing your sponsored child! Your words of encouragement will be a gift that is treasured for a life time.

Keep it simple, write about things your sponsored child will understand such as family, pets, hobbies and activities. Encourage your child’s learning activities and relationship with the Lord.

Emphasize things you have in common and respond to their letters. As time goes on, you’ll discover shared interest, such as school subjects, music, or activities. Common interest will enhance the child’s self-esteem; your significance in the life of your sponsored child will have an impact on his/her view of themselves. Please avoid discussing material possessions, which may emphasize differences.

Please do not send communication that is inconsistent with the Christian values we share with our partnering churches. We minister to children in the context of local churches that share a common evangelical statement of faith. Please do not send communication or material that is inconsistent with evangelical Christian values.

Additionally, if you wish items to your sponsored child, to coordinate please email 4info@proyectofe.org.

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