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June 2019 – Wellspring Team – Update # 2
By: Mission Team Member
Jun 16, 2019

Hello Everyone!

It was a busy day is San Pedro. Everyone is in good health and spirits. The weather was hot today, and it did not rain, so it’s still warm at 9:30pm.

This morning we squeezed into a van and drove up into the mountains for a special presentation. It was a small, crowded building, but it was filled with people from some 25 mountain churches. The Team was escorted to the front to sit in seats of honor. What was presented were brand new flannelgraph Bible story boards to be used by these churches in their teaching the Bible to children. The people were soooo grateful and the room was filled with exuberant joyful singing and thank you’s.

The story boards were part of Proyecto Fe’s contributions to the mountain ministries here. Our Team made the presentations. It was very moving. 

Later, we took a tour of the beautiful Medical Clinic built by Proyecto Fe mission teams. Please pray for all the proper licensing to be in place. We then toured Colegio Bethel, the Christian School we work with here, then began to organize and prepare for a big event on Friday, a family fun festival. It is a big deal! 

We ate dinner and are going to bed early. Sunday is a big day here. 

Blessings, Pastor Pat Hadley


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