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Mountain Ministries

With the infrastructure in place, Proyecto Fe has been able to assist numerous Mayan Indian villages in the mountains surrounding the Lake Atitlan area.  Proyecto Fe has participated with the construction of small non-denominational churches. Under the supervision of Emilio Battz and his father Emilio Sr., small congregations are evaluated for financial assistance.  Many of the congregations had been holding services in homes or other small buildings.  Potential recipients are interviewed and evaluation for a minimum criteria.  If the congregation is qualified, the ministry receives partial financial assistance from Proyecto Fe to build their own church building.

Believing each congregation should build its own church rather than receiving infrequent short term mission trip labor, only financial assistance is given to the mountain ministries from Proyecto Fe. Past experience has shown that when the entire building is financed and constructed by an outside source, the true sense of church ownership never materializes in the mountain ministry body. Therefore, only limited labor assistance and partial to substantial cost assistance is provided by Proyecto Fe.

Throughout the year visitation and evangelistic trips are made by the students and the staff of Colegio Bethel, funded by Proyecto Fe, to inspire and equip the churches for its continued work in the mountain ministry communities. Education materials and valuable instruction by speakers are provided as well.  Proyecto Fe is committed to help serve the mountain village ministries in a way that is supported and needed by the local communities.