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Public Inspection

List of Corporate Officers

Public Inspection:

1987 law requires 501(c) exempt entities to make available for public inspection the entirety of their exemption application (Form 1023) and copies of their annual information returns (Form 990) in full, except for contributors’ name and identifying information.

Copies of these filings may be ordered via filing Form 4506-A with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with out a charge.

Hard copy dissemination can also be obtained, with out charge, by contacting Proyecto Fe directly at 4info@proyectofe.org  Please list which forms you are requesting or copies of all forms will be sent to you.  The following forms are available for inspection & dissemination:


2014 form 990    View or Download it here: 2014 990

2015 form 990 View or Download it here: 2015 990

2016 form 990 View or Download it here: 2016 990