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Emily's words
Thank You!
By: Emily Arrow
Jul 2, 2020

In 2009 (when I was 17) I went on my first Proyecto Fe trip, and before that week was over, I knew I wanted to go back and live in San Pedro and teach English at Colegio Bethel. That dream became a reality in 2011 and I had such an amazing year getting to be a part of the community in San Pedro, Colegio Bethel, and Iglesia Bethel. In August of 2012, Proyecto Fe offered me a job in the office in Anchorage. My heart was still straining towards San Pedro and the community I had there that I was so far from, but I thought that a job with Proyecto Fe would help keep me closer to them. What I didn’t expect was the amazing community that I would be joining in Alaska as I joined the Proyecto Fe staff. If you’re reading this stateside, you’re part of that community.

Maybe you’ve come to the office and I’ve gotten to meet you and we’ve shared some of our stories together, maybe you’ve attended or helped with an auction and you’ve partnered with me in that crazy (and wonderful!) event, maybe you’ve called the office and I’ve told you about your sponsored child whom I grew to love while in San Pedro but you’ve never met, or you told me about your sponsored child who you’ve known since they were knee-high, or maybe (and I hate to play favorites, but these are some of the dearests in my heart) you and I had the amazing opportunity to meet during a Proyecto Fe mission trip to San Pedro and to really share with each other what God has done in our lives and who He’s been to us. These memories, and the people that are in them, are eternally precious to me. 

Thanks to COVID, the goodbye trip I’d planned this spring to Guatemala had to be canceled. I’ll have to trust that God will allow me to see those I love there or communicate with them again in the future in another way. But for those in the US, I get this opportunity to say goodbye. And this is a good goodbye. This is goodbye because my dear husband, Jon, and I have chosen to take Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20 at face value and pursue missions full-time, long-term, and overseas. It is our belief from reading God’s word that every group of people on earth should have the opportunity to hear about our wonderful Savior and what He did, and about the hope we have in Him, and we’ve been given the opportunity to go and do that where it’s never been done. The next step in our journey will start with about a year of intensive training in Tijuana, Mexico, where we’ll be trained for the rigorous work of language learning, church-planting, and cross-cultural living that we have ahead of us. I’m excited and terrified, so please keep us in your prayers!

Thank you, Proyecto Fe Family, for loving me so well these last 8 years. The way you’ve loved me like Christ makes me want to go and tell others about His love. Well done, Family <3

P.S. I’ll try to resist the temptation to raid PF’s contact list to keep in touch with you all, but if you’d like to keep in touch with me and see where we go, feel free to email Emily@Proyectofe.org and we’ll get in touch directly 🙂 


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